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The river Libron crosses the village of Lieuran-lès-Béziers. This is a small water course which is prone to impressive occasional flooding, as in 1964 and 1996 when it came up to the top of the pont de la cité bridge. The source is near Laurens in the Hérault and stretches over 40 km. It straightens out after taking a very convoluted path before Boujan and leads to Vias where it flows into the Mediterranean.Special engineering projects have been necessary to manage the river's temperament.The floods carry a heavy load of silt which could block up the Canal du Midi were it not for the rather bizarre mobile weir system built in 1858, which is a case study in construction and hydraulic techniques.


The Château de Ribaute

On the way to Beziers, before reaching the village, you'll come across the Chateau de Ribaute with its a magnificent facade from the twelfth century (unfortunately  a private property that can not be visited). It is one of the few monuments that did not suffer major changes   during the golden age of Béziers wine  production. In 1200 writings cite the existence of the chateau, which has been a listed historical monument since 1997. The chateau shows an evolution of styles between the Renaissance and Modern periods, the body of the central building has stairs, roofs and vaults dating from the reign of Henry IV (16th and 17th centuries). Nearby, there is a small private chapel surrounded by an old cemetery. It contains part of an ancient Roussillon altar made of   wood.

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