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Patrick Olry of the restaurant "L'Ambassade"

Patrick Olry of the restaurant “L’AMBASSADE” proposes:

Duroc pork loin fillet with chorizo,
Agatha potato crush with Lucques olives,
Cuttlefish flavoured sauce,
Piquillo pepper mirepoix

Domaine Querelle, Sérignan
AOC Coteaux du Languedoc, red 2005
Wine selection proposed by the sommeller team of the restaurant l’Ambassade


- Ask your butcher to prepare the  pork loin fillet

- Make an incision along the fillet and  insert thick slices of chorizo, roll up and tie with string

- Roast in the fat, accompny with crushed Agatha potatoes with picholine olive oil and pieces of lucques olives

- Serve with a reduction of the cooking juice with finely chopped piqillo peppers


Wine selection:

From the 2005 vintage, this red wine from nearby Beziers, with its bouquet of forest fruits such as blackcurrant and blackberry alnog with woody and spicy notes of black pepper, has a rich aroma and the taste of the sun.
The tannins are present and silky, without being aggressive, offering this wine perfect balance. Finally, notes of licorice in the final mix bring a fresh bitterness.
The pork loin provides a
delicious texture and taste, especially when paired with the crisp and pronounced flavors of the chorizo​​. The sweetness of the wine's tannins and liquorice finish give a full  dimension to the ensemble.

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